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User Experience Marketing Optimisation Modular Design
The Challenge

Nokia contacted Ogilvy to optimise their internal marketing campaigns and global communications, from a design, content and performance points-of-view. After an exhaustive UX audit to evaluate the client’s current situation, the challenges were to create consistent journeys across different channels and improve visual engagement and responsiveness.

I was tasked to find a solution to resolve these issues. Using a modular design approach, we've presented a flexible and scalable solution, which allowed quick turnaround and effective deployment, as well as visual consistency across emails, newsletters and Marketo landing pages. The use of these modules also allowed serving different content per user or region, as well as opening A/B testing possibilities.

Modular Design

Modular Design is the method of creating a system of self-contained components that can be stacked, rearranged and used or not used, case by case. The goal is to be able to easily change or adapt individual design patterns without altering the system as a whole. Adopting modular design and reusable patterns for this project allowed us to keep consistency across different channels, but still be content-driven. 

By combining the same modules in a more creative way, I also created the base for the Insight Newsletter, Nokia's internal communication piece.