KIA Motors UK

User Experience User Interface Design
The Challenge

One of TMB’s main products is the DMS (Dealer Marketing System). The system provides dealerships the opportunity to schedule and checkout marketing activities, based on sales insight. This particular tool was created to help the users make data based decisions.

I was tasked to improve the system from a visual, user experience and development point-of-views. Due to the complexity of this system, we’ve started by running workshops, mapping out all the user journeys and establishing user goals and decision points.

The Insights tool should be intuitive, informative and guide users to make better decisions on what vehicles to promote and the best media to do so. We've created a 3 panel system, where the first one is used to navigate, a second panel as a visual cue and the third being the map to display the data and territories.

Better Insights

Fed by some powerful data and built with Vue.js (Javascript framework), the tool algorithms show the user what media channels are available from newspapers, to radio, direct mail or product placement. It will also guide the user to choose the more suitable supplier based on reach and territory coverage.